Photography has always been something I admired but never something that I thought I could do professionally. Then, I had my daughter. I immediately fell in love with capturing all of her moments. I soon realized that photography was not just a hobby, but my true passion.


I am so lucky to be doing what I truly love. I love photographing the natural moments of people’s everyday lives; a mother’s loving look at her child, a baby new to this world in all of their pure innocence, a couple in love, and all the details in between.


I, myself, have experienced getting engaged, then married, being pregnant and becoming a mother. All of these life experiences taught me how important it was for me to capture these memories and to be able to look back and reminisce on those precious moments and looking back at those photos, I am so incredibly glad that I did.


When I take photos, I always think of it as preserving a piece of people’s lives that they will be able to cherish forever – and there is nothing more rewarding than that.


I strive to create a comfortable, care free environment where we can all let loose and have fun. The best photos come when people let go and truly let themselves shine. My goal is to make you feel at ease and let you know that it’s totally okay and encouraged to embrace your fun, quirky, sometimes frazzled, true self. The same goes for the little ones! It’s okay if they cry, get bored, don’t want to take pictures or would rather run around. No need to stress. No matter what, I promise you, you will always get beautiful photos that are truly a story of your life.